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release 1.0 (current development)

  • release documentation for website. (HS)
  • 1326387: spurious dirs when src dir is empty. (SK,AM)
  • 1311086: CLI -H option functionality. (AM)
  • 1294642: config filename location reporting in CLI. (AM)
  • 121124: Debian package and related admin. (AB)
  • 115374: RSS feed generation, concept and design. (HS)
  • 117991: post processing to remove XML prolog for PHP files (mod_post). (AM)
  • 117992: entity handling and related parser changes. (AM)
  • 117993: CLI refactoring (new options and command argument checks). (AM)
  • 116503: worfklow refactoring (workflow module, web asset registry, processing modules etc.) (AM)
  • 1248770: unqouted ampersand entity bug fixed. (AM)
  • 115370: PHP web admin interface (w. MySQL integration). (KP)
  • 115366: PHP contributor file upload support. (KP)
  • 115866: link checker module and related reporting. (SK, AM)
  • 117996: function naming conventions (rpl_ etc.) and related refactoring. (NL)
  • 115371: MySQL support (incl. table SQL scripts.) (AM)
  • 117994: demonstration XSLT templates. (KP)
  • 117997: XSLT context highlighting and creation of libxslt. (AM)
  • 117995: regular expressions module (incl. related unit test cases). (NL)
  • 115367: indexing (formerly cataloging) functionality with digest parser. (AM)
  • 1252052: CLI -c option bug fixed. (AM)
  • 119614: doxygen documentation system, docs refactoring, GNU autotools doxygen target. (NL)
  • 1232464: memory leak plugging, indentation conventions. (ES, NL)
  • 1211585: CLI -u bug fixed; update option removed. (AM)
  • 1211584: CLI config file display bug fixed. (AM)
  • 1211590: CLI -v/V bug fixed. (AM)
  • cunit test framework, test runner, initiail unit test cases, sample html test inputs. (AM)
  • imagery: logo (incl. "powered by" variant) (DP)

project released onto sourceforge.net

  • website documentation, guides and developer information (AM)
  • interfaces: CLI (command line interface) with basic options and CGI based interface. (AM)
  • processing modules: tidylib source processing, Sablot and libxslt XSLT processing custom expat parsing (e.g., removal of non-standard namespaces). (AM)
  • initial code infrastructure: webasset ADT, utilities (string, html, filesystem modules), http/mime parser, messaging, logging and memory support modules, string lists module. GNU autotools build. (AM)


  • AM Alan Moran
  • SK Senthil Kumaran
  • ES Erno Szabados
  • KP Kenneth Parris
  • HS Hallvord Steen
  • NL Nelson Loyola
  • AB Adrian von Bidder
  • DP David Purdy

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