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using the rapple logo

if you wish to acknowledge the fact that you used rapple to create your site then you may include the "powered by rapple" logo on your website. there is, of course, no obligation to do so (it does, however, help to increase awareness of the tool and sends us a warm fuzzy feeling that our tool has been of use to you ;)

to use the logo you will need to download the following image (right click and save).

next you will need to link to your copy of the logo by inserting the following HTML into your XSLT template (please do not link directly to our image as its location may change without notification and it places an unreasonable burden on this website.)

<a href="http://rapple.sourceforge.net">
<img src="http://your.website.url/pwrapple.png" alt="powered by rapple" />

tip: you will need to replace http://your.website.url/ as appropriate but if you may prefer to use the host parameter in your XSLT, e.g., if you store pwrapple.png in your images subdirectory then you would set the source attribute to "{$host}images/pwrapple.png" where "host" assumes the value of the "domain" element in your rapple.conf file.

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