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autotools guidelines

GNU autotools (automake, autoconf etc.) exist to support portability of builds and enable the building of rapple on a wide variety of platforms via a few configuration files. for the beginner autotools can be rather daunting (the volume of documentation itself is significant) so if you are relatively new do not be afraid to ask questions. the team comprises of very experienced developers many of whom have much experience with autotools and who will likely know some good tricks ;)

the following guidelines apply to autotools within rapple development:

  1. editing Makefile.am if you introduce a new module then you will need to add an entry to the appropriate Makefile.am. for sources within the rapple codebase this is src/Makefile.am and for new unit test modules it is test/Makefile.am.
  2. significant changes if you plan changes to directory structures, new build targets or similar then please discuss your suggestions within the team beforehand. some changes require planning or may need to be compatible with the future direction of rapple ;)

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