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MySQL support

rapple can store metadata (filename, success/failure of transformations etc.) gathered during processing in a database table. this information can be used by an administration interface to present the results of processing and to assist in site content management.

since MySQL support is an optional feature you must request it during build by using the --enable-mysql option. you must also have a MySQL instance you can connect to and create the necessary tables (sample sql scripts are provided in the distribution) the contents of which are deleted and repopulated during each site build. you must ensure that rapple is configured correctly by providing the necessary details in the <database> nodeset of the configuration file.

the following is a description of the web asset table used by rapple (note that the primary key is rel_dir and filename fields)

Field Description
filename the asset name (without path)
rel_dir the path (without the filename) relative to the root of the website
submitter identification of owner (e.g., HTTP user or process owner for generated assets)
dts date/time stamp (of insertion of asset data into database)
mime_type the MIME type of asset (if applicable)
tidy_status human readable description of tidy transformation status
xslt_status human readable description of xslt transformation status

create of the table and necessary grants for the rapple DB user are provided in the SQL scripts provided with the distribution and from the CVS sources.

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