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rapple can perform integrity checks of links within your website. this feature is an integral part of rapple and is effective if the necessary configuration is provided (otherwise rapple does not perform link checking and instead issues a warning to the log file.) rapple does not validate links to external resources (e.g., other websites) and is therefore limited to checking internal consistency of your website. the following resources are involved in link checking:

Resource Description
link checker XSLT used to transform the XML link check report into a format suitable for display (e.g., HTML.) a sample XSLT file can be found in the linkchecker directory of the CVS resources module.
link checker XML report used to record link errors (<error> elements) on a file by file basis by noting the location and nature of the error.
link checker HTML report the output of the XSLT transformation of the link check XML report. used to display results in a more human readable format (e.g., HTML)

when rapple performs link checking it generates the XML report which comprises of <file> and <error> elements, e.g.,

<file name="/usr/local/www/rapple/demo/demo.html"></file>
<file name="/usr/local/www/rapple/index.html">
<error element="a" attribute="href" line="176" column="27">projekt/contrib/roadmap.html</error>

this report can be converted into a suitable human-readable format (e.g., HTML) by applying an XSLT. for a sample XSLT visit the linkchecker directory of the CVS resources module.

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