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indexing is the process of generating an index.html file from the contents of a directory. it is useful in situations where a directory contains files intended to be accessible from the rest of the website but for which no natural linkage exists (e.g., the directory might be acting as an archive).

during indexing a parser reads the contents of each HTML file in the directory to be cataloged and extracts information for the index.html file. this information includes the document title (as defined in the <title> element of <head>) along with a sample of the body content (without the markup) known as the digest.

when generating the index.html file the parser creates an unordered list with one entry per HTML file. the title of each HTML document is used within the anchor element of its entry to link to the document and the digest is displayed to give an indication of the content of the document. note: the parser will overwrite any pre-existing index.html !

the parser uses entries in the rapple configuration file to determine which directories are to be cataloged. these entries are located within the <digest> element of the <generators> and take the following form:

<dir title="My Archive">path/to/indexed/directory/relative/to/website/root</dir>

where the value of the "title" attribute is used as the display header for the generated index.html (it is placed in the document title and used in a <h1> at the top of the file) and the value of the <dir> is the absolute path to the directory to be cataloged.

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